Celebrating the arrival of a little bundle of joy ? 

At Event Planners Surrey, we can organise, supply and set up everything for your perfect baby shower.  

We offer a complete baby shower event planning and coordination service, including everything you could possibly want to make your baby shower party enjoyable and fun. 
Whether you are looking for baby shower invitations, baby shower favours, baby shower games, baby shower table decorations or baby shower gifts, we have an extensive range to choose from. 
We sell all types of favours, personalised sweet bags and party bags and boxes, either select from our handmade favours ready to present to your guests or if you would like to make up your own personalised baby shower favour then select from our boxes. Our favours are available for girl, boys or neutral themes. 

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New Parents Can Balance Business and Baby with This Guide 

Starting a business of your own requires quite a bit of hard work, and when you pair it with a new baby, both life changes can become overwhelming. The good news is these days, there is a wealth of apps, services, and products that can help you manage both parenthood and entrepreneurship with ease. By figuring out a routine that works for both of you and finding resources that will make your days easier, you can take control of your professional goals while also making your child a priority. 
Paul at Event Planners Surrey suggests a few things to keep in mind as you get your business off the ground as a new parent. 
You’ll Need a Well-Thought-Out Business Plan 
Before you can build a successful business, it’s essential to have a solid business plan in place first. By thinking about how much funding you’ll need, making financial projections, laying out the details of daily operations, and naming a business structure, you can provide a blueprint for both yourself and any lenders or partners who are interested in helping you bring your ideas to life. 
The right business plan will also give you peace of mind as you start the process of building a company, especially if you have no prior experience. There are many online guides that can help when starting a new company, so make use of these resources whenever you need. 
Start Looking for Ways to Fund Your Business 
Obtaining funding to launch a new small business can be challenging, even if you have a clear plan and an innovative product or service. Before approaching lenders and investors, take time to check your credit report and make sure there are no unexpected entries that might work against securing the funds you need for your venture. Take the time to assess any obstacles you may confront as part of the financing process. 
It’s important to be prepared when discussing potential loans and investments with other parties. Collecting information about credit score requirements, application processes, and interest rates can help you ask informed questions and negotiate better terms. When searching for the best options to fund your business, having a thorough understanding of financing solutions allows you to make smart decisions going forward. 
Settle into Helpful Routines 
Even after you’re an organized person, it can be challenging to juggle everything on your to-do list when the baby has his or her own schedule, so it will be helpful for you both to work out a routine that allows you to find a happy balance. If you’ll be doing some work from home, set hours that make it easier for you to focus by working around the baby’s feeding and nap times. 
Going into an office setting? Set up a safe, comfortable spot for the baby to rest while you get things done. You can even do this at home, which will make it easier for you to manage things like breastfeeding. 
Also, do your best to make your home or official office space as stress free as possible. Reducing clutter will help your peace of mind and anxiety levels. Plus, it will be less for the baby to get into. But do add a few nontoxic plants – preferably out of reach of little hands – because being in nature is also very soothing. 
Get Some Help 
As all parents and entrepreneurs know, it’s impossible to predict everything, no matter how prepared you are. Even with helpful routines and resources, you may find more than one surprise thrown at you as you’re getting your business up and running, and the baby’s needs will be ever-changing. That’s why it’s important to expect the unexpected and prepare as much as possible by securing some help. 
Whether it comes from a friend, family member, partner, or a professional childminder, the right kind of help can allow you to recharge, save time, and get the rest you need to focus on the tasks. Where your business is concerned, you might consider hiring freelancers to help balance the workload and free up some time. 
Find Your Balance 
Starting a business and becoming a parent are two of the biggest life changes a person can experience, so it’s crucial to give yourself every opportunity for success. By creating a stellar business plan, finding ways to get funding, and working around the baby’s schedule, you can balance your responsibilities beautifully. 
Are you planning a baby shower or baby’s first birthday party? Don’t take on all of the stress yourself. Let Event Planner Surrey’s take care of everything so you can relax and enjoy the moments. Visit our shop in Knaphill where we have a very wide range of products. 
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